Latest Reviews and Coverage

It has been a great week for coverage of our book in the media. On Friday we received a long review in the Wall Street Journal’s Weekend section, complete with a clever graphic that shows how hard it can be to see the forest for the trees. Also on Friday, Steven Pinker cited The Invisible Gorilla in “Mind Over Mass Media,” a New York Times op-ed arguing that new forms of media, new computer tools, and new sources of distraction are not “changing our brains” or making us stupid. Pinker notes that our book demonstrates that products touted to broadly and effortlessly change how our brains work never turn out to have such effects. (Mozart’s music doesn’t make kids smarter, brain-training games don’t reverse cognitive aging, and so on.)

Earlier in the week, Russell Poldrack mentioned the book in his contribution to a debate on the dangers of proliferating information technologies at the New York Times website. Russ points out that our intuitions about how well we can multitask are notoriously poor: many people think they can do it just fine, but only a tiny fraction actually can.

Yesterday, Brian Vaszily posted an extensive blog entry at with several video snippets from his interview of Dan. And R.T. Carroll wrote a very long and thoughtful review at the Skeptic’s Dictionary.

Thanks to everyone for reading our book and writing about it!

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