New guide to writing and revising

Over the past 20 years of teaching, writing, and editing, I have compiled a set of tips, tricks, and pet peeves that I share with students and colleagues. I’ve decided to make this writing guide more widely available in case others will find it useful. The emphasis is on scientific writing, but the same principles [...]

Gorilla suit winner

Last month, in celebration of the release of the paperback edition of The Invisible Gorilla, we teamed up with to raffle away a deluxe gorilla suit to one lucky buyer of our book. I have just been informed that the lucky winner is Professor Bennett Schwartz, a cognitive psychology professor at Florida International University. [...]

Invisible Gorilla Charity Campaign

Help support some terrific charities by pre-ordering the paperback edition of The Invisible [...]

Invisible Gorilla Paperback!

Announcing the paperback edition of The Invisible [...]

The Danger of Texting: Some examples

People can’t multitask. Want some evidence? Here are a few videos, some funny and some decidedly [...]

Check out

Announcing a new psychology blogging site: [...]

Remarkable false memories

You might think you remember how you heard about the attacks on September 11, 2001, but you might well be wrong. A reader sent a remarkable example of memory distortion for a much earlier experience which illustrates how easily memories can [...]

The first study of inattentional blindness?

Over on our Gorilla Guys blog at Psychology Today, I’ve just added a new post on what might well be the first series of studies documenting inattentional blindness. It comes from an unlikely source, but it’s seasonally appropriate. Check it out.

Invisible Gorilla Tweets on 2010-07-10

If you listen to Wisconsin Public Radio, you can hear Chris and Dan right now on the Veronica Rueckert Show: #
Original study got it right and only claimed an association Headline writers getting it wrong. #
Inaccurate headline alert (good site, bad headline). No evidence 4 causal link in study… [...]

Invisible Gorilla Tweets on 2010-07-09

The Economist pshops Obama photo ( Will it lead to false memories like #
Catherine Mallette reviews the book and poses questions about everyday illusions in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram…. #
Stan Hochman gives our book a very nice review in the Philadelphia Daily News. This is our first review in a… #