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This semester at the University of Illinois, I am teaching a graduate seminar on speaking and writing for a general audience. The class has advanced graduate students from all sub-disciplines of psychology, and each week, they will be writing about scientific research in psychology. I have started a new blog site, ionpsych, which will feature their blogging and some of my own. Whenever an ionpsych post touches on topics related to intuitions about the mind, I will link to it from The Invisible Gorilla. Please check out the site — it launched Wednesday, and new posts on a wide range of psychology-related topics will be appearing regularly.

The website eventually will add another feature: links to particularly insightful or helpful blog posts about psychology from around the blogosphere. I’m especially interested in gathering together posts that could be used when teaching an introductory psychology class. If you know of or have written posts that discuss classic experiments, new findings to older research and theory, generalize research to daily life, provide historical overviews, etc., please email me directly or post links in the comments. Once that part of the the website goes live, I will blog about here as well as there.

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