The Best Illusions of the Year

Details about a couple wonderful illusions that didn’t win this year’s Best Illusion of the Year [...]

Seeing the world as it isn't

When we look at the world around us, we feel that we are seeing it completely and accurately. What accounts for that [...]

Think you know the best way to study? Better test yourself.

What is the best way to study for an exam? Do you think you know? Better test [...]

Remarkable false memories

You might think you remember how you heard about the attacks on September 11, 2001, but you might well be wrong. A reader sent a remarkable example of memory distortion for a much earlier experience which illustrates how easily memories can [...]

summary - 'invisible gorillas' in your life

Thank you to everyone who submitted a comment or sent me email describing your own ‘invisible gorilla’ experiences. In addition to the many great comments on

Silly ideas about safe texting

This is so wrong that if it were April 1, I would assume it is a joke.

heads-up keyboard from Wired article

But it comes from a writer with Gizmodo, one of the best tech sites around, and it was published by Wired. Unless proven otherwise, I have to assume it’s just a [...]

Dan's presentation at the illusion of the year contest

On Monday (May 10) I presented my “Monkey Business Illusion” at the Illusion of the year contest. I posted about it here on Tuesday. I’ve just finished editing together some video we shot of my presentation and uploaded it to YouTube. The contest was a blast — I hope you [...]

monkey business illusion at

My presentation at the Illusion of the year competition was featured at The article discusses the contest and ends with my presentation. If you haven’t viewed my illusion yet, view it first before reading the Nature piece — the piece contains spoilers.

The Monkey Business Illusion

My submission to the Best Illusion of the Year competition at this year’s Vision Sciences Society meeting is titled “The Monkey Business Illusion.” The contest judges selected it to be among the 10 finalists, so I got to present it to an audience of more than 1000 people attending the show this evening (May 10, [...]

Vision Sciences Stuff -- the skinny on a new illusion

This week I’m attending the annual meeting of the Vision Sciences Society in Naples Florida. Every day or so, I’ll post about a subset of the cool, interesting, funny, or quirky (I won’t say which) talks/posters I happened to catch. You can read the first installment here. Here’s a fun one from my [...]