The Monkey Business Illusion

My submission to the Best Illusion of the Year competition at this year’s Vision Sciences Society meeting is titled “The Monkey Business Illusion.” The contest judges selected it to be among the 10 finalists, so I got to present it to an audience of more than 1000 people attending the show this evening (May 10, 2010).

The audience voted for their favorite illusions, with the top 3 finishers winning cool illusion sculptures. Although I wasn’t one of the three winners, I had a great time with the show. There were some truly wonderful illusions this time.

I gave my presentation while wearing a full-body gorilla suit (any excuse to wear a gorilla suit in front of 1000 of my colleagues is a good thing!). I’m hoping to be able to post a video of my presentation soon. In the meantime, try the illusion for yourself

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