Another early study of Inattentional Blindness

A cool inattentional blindness experiment from [...]

More stuff to do with a gorilla suit

More examples of things you could do if you won the gorilla suit in our new promotion (see [...]

Win a gorilla suit

A chance to win a gorilla suit — just pre-order the paperback edition of The Invisible [...]

gorillas, working memory, and the media

Speculative conclusions and definitive evidence: When press releases and media coverage diverge from the actual evidence. A closer look at the link between working memory and gorilla [...]

Invisible gorilla makes an appearance

The Invisible Gorilla makes a showing at a Dutch book [...]

Cute animation for German edition

Cute animation for the German edition of The Invisible [...]

Invisible gorillas play soccer

I just learned from a friend that staffers at the Association for Psychological Science (APS) in Washington have formed a soccer team for a DC-area league named Invisible Gorillas. Fantastic! They’ll have a great advantage given all the additional players they’ll be able to sneak onto the field during the game.

more gorilla hyjinx

A recent spate of crimes by people in gorilla suits — not a good [...]

summary - 'invisible gorillas' in your life

Thank you to everyone who submitted a comment or sent me email describing your own ‘invisible gorilla’ experiences. In addition to the many great comments on

'Invisible gorillas' in your life?

Have you ever failed to notice an “invisible gorilla” in your daily life? Perhaps you were in a car accident and never saw the other car. Maybe you were in a bicycle or motorcycle accident in which a car driver never saw you coming. Or, maybe you missed an obvious business opportunity [...]