Important discovery by Muppet Labs

Once again, Dr. Honeydew of Muppet Labs solves a pressing real-world problem.

Truly invisible monkeys

Apparently Dodge took some heat from PETA for a car advertisement in which they dressed a chimp as Evel Knievel and had her press a plunger to release an explosion of confetti (read about it here).

Here’s the original:

In response to the criticism, Dodge edited the ad to make the chimp invisible without changing [...]

Silly ideas about safe texting

This is so wrong that if it were April 1, I would assume it is a joke.

heads-up keyboard from Wired article

But it comes from a writer with Gizmodo, one of the best tech sites around, and it was published by Wired. Unless proven otherwise, I have to assume it’s just a [...]

You can't anticipate everything

A standard approach to safety engineering is to try to define all of the potential risks in advance and to design protocols that, if followed precisely, will avoid all of the known hazards. Such safety-by-protocol is great in principle, but it has a critical failing: The illusion of knowledge. The approach assumes that [...]

Dan's presentation at the illusion of the year contest

On Monday (May 10) I presented my “Monkey Business Illusion” at the Illusion of the year contest. I posted about it here on Tuesday. I’ve just finished editing together some video we shot of my presentation and uploaded it to YouTube. The contest was a blast — I hope you [...]

Interview of Dan at

Dave Munger of dailymonthly, researchblogging, and Seed Magazine did an extended inteview with me while we were both at the Vision Sciences meeting this week. The interview covered a wide range of topics, but mostly focused on the gorilla experiment and the phenomenon of inattentional blindness. The interview was just published on and [...]

monkey business illusion at

My presentation at the Illusion of the year competition was featured at The article discusses the contest and ends with my presentation. If you haven’t viewed my illusion yet, view it first before reading the Nature piece — the piece contains spoilers.

The Monkey Business Illusion

My submission to the Best Illusion of the Year competition at this year’s Vision Sciences Society meeting is titled “The Monkey Business Illusion.” The contest judges selected it to be among the 10 finalists, so I got to present it to an audience of more than 1000 people attending the show this evening (May 10, [...]

Gaze-averting glasses

When you look at gorillas at the zoo, they might feel that you are threatening them. We don’t like being stared at. Fortunately, most of the time we’re invisible, so even when you’re staring at us, you might not see us (see this nice journal article by a particularly sharp hairless primate I [...]

gorilla video used in a murder trial

To my knowledge, this is the first time that the gorilla/basketball video has been shown during expert testimony in a court case. Unfortunately, at least from the description in the article, it seems like the point of the video and demonstration wasn’t particularly relevant to the case.

The trial is in New Zealand, and the [...]