Oh... we knew...

Scientists Successfully Teach Gorilla It Will Die Someday

They thought we didn’t know? Silly humans. We knew. We just didn’t want you to know that we knew. Sometimes we just play with your minds by supporting your persistent delusion that you can actually predict your own future…

update: For those who didn’t catch [...]

A great neighbor

Here’s a great image caption from a story in the Union Leader about a house [...]

Invisible rabbits?!

Glendale police thinking that dressing pedestrians in rabbit suits will make drivers more likely to [...]

Inattentional blindness for sword swallowing

A possible example of inattentional blindness… Tourists fail to notice when Ig Nobel winner Dan Meyer swallows a sword in front of the famous Liverpool Cavern Club (where the Beatles [...]

friday gorilla spotting

Friday gorilla blogging—giving gorillas their appropriate place in history and society. You’d be amazed how many gorillas you’ll see once you start looking for [...]

I see gorillas

Hairless primates see religious figures everywhere. I see [...]

Alfred's day off

Alfred the Gorilla from the Bristol City Museum

Here’s a great story. One of my brethren, a gorilla named Alfred, managed to escape from the Bristol City Museum more than 50 years ago and got to spend a few days hanging out with college students. Apparently he did a bit too much partying [...]