Invisible rabbits?!

Apparently, those hairless apes in the Glendale police department thought that dressing a pedestrian up in a bunny suit would make drivers more likely to notice and yield. According to this report, police in Glendale conducted a sting operation by having a bunny cross the road and then ticketing anyone who didn’t yield.

Maybe the paper was just pulling an April fools hoax?! Surely they knew that 6-foot-tall rabbits are invisible.

At least some of the cops reportedly don’t know about invisible rabbits or invisible gorillas:

“The reason that we set it in a bunny suit is that’s clearly an obvious, different and unique pedestrian that would be walking across the street,” Montecuollo said.

Apparently, they’ve even done this before:

Police conducted a similar sting with a rabbit suit about five years ago, he said. Los Angeles police have used Santa Claus costumes.

You’d think they’d learn.

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