Ghost busters, parapsychology, and the first study of inattentional blindness

ghosts in the history of inattentional [...]

Think video games make you smarter? Not so fast...

Wouldn’t it be great if you could improve your attention and perception abilities by playing video games? Over the past decade, many papers have made just that claim. Expert gamers often outperform novices on some cognitive tasks, and gaming novices who spend many hours practicing a game tend to perform better as well. Although the accumulated evidence seems strong, the literature is fraught with methodological shortcomings. In fact, some of the limitations are sufficiently severe that it’s not clear there is any benefit at [...]

The consequences of being ignored

A cool new study from Steve Most and his colleagues shows the consequences of being [...]

Another early study of Inattentional Blindness

A cool inattentional blindness experiment from [...]

invisible gorillas and motorcycle safety

A short essay on inattention and motorcycle safety on the BMW MOA Foundation [...]

gorillas, working memory, and the media

Speculative conclusions and definitive evidence: When press releases and media coverage diverge from the actual evidence. A closer look at the link between working memory and gorilla [...]

Seeing the world as it isn't

When we look at the world around us, we feel that we are seeing it completely and accurately. What accounts for that [...]

another 'invisible gorilla' anecdote

Another personal story from a reader about [...]

Driving and distraction - California survey

An interesting survey of drivers in California provides some data about beliefs in the dangers of phone conversations and texting while driving as well as data about actual self-reported [...]

Science or Sciencey [afterward]

An examination of sciencey marketing, using cognitive driver training as a case [...]