Invisible gorilla makes an appearance

We’re really excited that The Invisible Gorilla will be published in the Netherlands this April. Even cooler, I will be in the Netherlands to speak at PINC in May and will get to see the book in stores there!

Our publisher sent this wonderful image of a not-so-invisible gorilla at a book fair helping to promote the Dutch edition of the book to booksellers and the media by walking around the fair with a copy of the book an handing out postcards. Apparently, all the postcards were snapped up in minutes.

invisible gorilla in the Netherlands

photo: Gerlinde de Geus

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  • Denny Powman

    Re the Gorilla. Back in the 1970s I was a student at an Education College. The tutor was talking about ‘psychomotor coordination’ and to prove something he handed out one of those little toyw which is a circular box with a clear top and five small balls that have to get one in each of five holes. The holes were in the bottom of the box that had a printed design (it was, in fact, a jungle scene but no gorilla). Each of the 25 students had 30 seconds to get s many balls as possible in the holes. Afterwards, although we had all stared intently and intently at the thing, only one person had noticed the background (I remember it well because it was me…)