Invisible Gorilla Charity Campaign

Help a charity by pre-ordering a copy of the paperback edition of The Invisible Gorilla

The Goal

To celebrate the upcoming release of the paperback edition of The Invisible Gorilla (on June 7), Chris and I are starting a charity campaign; we’re going to be supporting some charities whose missions relate to some of the topics we discuss in the book. We decided we would rather have our money go toward good causes than toward a PR firm or more traditional marketing campaign. Of course, we’re also hoping that people will pre-order our book. So, we hatched a plan that we hope will accomplish both goals and will be a win-win both for our book and for some great charities. (Of course we also hope it will be a win for our readers!)

The Plan

For every copy of the paperback edition that people pre-order or purchase by June 11, we will donate $5 to a charity they select. Over the course of the campaign, we plan to donate up to $25,000 in total. At the end of the campaign, we will donate a bonus $2000 to the charity selected by the most people.

The Charities

We have selected a number of charities that emphasize science, education, safety or other themes that are relevant to the topics in our book. You can see a list of the charities and what they do here. We may add a few more to the list over the coming weeks.

Want To Participate?

It’s easy! Just go to our charity promotion page for step-by-step instructions. All you have to do is pre-order the book (we provide links to make it easy), provide some basic information about your purchase, and select the charity you would like us to support. That’s it! We take it from there. The book is currently selling for about $10 online at the major booksellers, so it’s a great way to get an inexpensive copy of the book and to help support a charity at the same time. (And, if you would like to, you can also enter a drawing to win a gorilla suit.)

Please help us support these worthwhile causes! You can help even more by spreading the word about this charity campaign. Please feel free to forward or cross-post this message.

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