invisible gorillas in your life

I’ve gotten a number of great examples of “invisible gorillas” by email and in comments on my earlier post. Please continue sending in your personal examples. I’m looking for any examples in which your intuitions about your own mind were wrong, ideally in dramatic fashion. The don’t need to be cases in which you failed to see something obvious — they can include any case in which your intuitions about your mind (attention, perception, memory, confidence, knowledge, etc) diverged from the reality.

You can send your experiences directly to me by email ( or even better, post them as a comment on my earlier post. In a week or so, I will compile all the comments and will randomly select one submitter to receive a free copy of our book on CD.

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  • Mahadevan

    Hi Dan,
    I had a recent experience…and related it after reading your book. I pluck the Jasmine (Jadhi Malligai in Tamil) buds early, every evening from the Shrubs/vine in the corner of our home. The leaves are normally dark green with lots of dried stems/leaves. Spotting the ripe Jasmine bud needs special skills – ability to focus on the whitest bud, length and since they are small and sometimes pointing at you becomes difficult to spot. One day I was focusing all my attention in looking for the buds and all of a sudden, a swarm of bees appeared from the insides…and then i realised that i had disturbed a rather large, bee hive. Gosh, after that I could not believe that I had missed a rather large bee hive, dark and swarming with bees…I kept looking at the shrub from different angles for over 30 minutes the next day…how could I have missed so OBVIOUS a thing…staring right in front of your eyes! The Invisible Gorilla showed me the answer…Thanks Dan. Mahadevan, India.

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