Examples of great talks (parody)

UPDATE: Two more videos added below, both from John Cleese. The first is in keeping with the turbo encabulator. The second is about appeals to genetics to “explain” behavior. HT to Eamon and Diane for reminding me of these.

This spring semester, I’ll be teaching a graduate course on writing and speaking for a general audience. Students in the class will come from all areas of psychology, and I’ll post links of some of their best work to this blog. Right now, I’m looking for examples of science communication, by scientists, that are both accessible and interesting to people outside of academia. If you know of any brief essays or talks online, please post links to them as comments on this post (or email me).

In the spirit of great communication, here are a couple of my favorite parodies of scientific presentations. They’re definitely worth a couple minutes of your time!

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