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The Invisible Gorilla has been in the news quite a bit this week. Here is a roundup of some recent mentions and reviews:

The Associated Press ran a review by Rasha Madkour, who wrote, “The authors seek to inspire doubt in the mind’s ability — and they absolutely succeed … filled with fascinating and revealing experiments that call into question assumptions we have about our mental abilities and those of others … this is a must-read for anyone who wants to better understand how the mind works.”

The Globe and Mail in Canada published a short interview with us, with a sidebar on examples of everyday illusions in the news.

Chris appeared on the Motley Fool Money Radio Show this past weekend, where he discussed some of the experiments we present in the book and the implications of our ideas for personal finance and investing. His segment starts at the 19-minute mark.

Margaret Heffernan, who was kind enough to endorse the book early on, blogged about it at the Huffington Post this week.

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  • I take it that reproduction of the YouTube video for non-commercial purposes is OK? The embedding feature at YouTube has not been disabled.

    I see my blog entry as giving more publicity for your book, but if I’m treading on toes, let me know b/c and I’ll take the post down.

    Loftus’ classic shredding of eyewitness testimony is reinforced yet again!