more choice blindness videos

Yesterday I posted about a new, in-press study of choice blindness by Lars Hall, Petter Johansson, and colleagues. Their new study extended the phenomenon of choice blindness to real world taste decisions made by shoppers in a market. Read more about it in yesterday’s post entitled “Do you know what you like.”

Here are two new videos they just posted that show how they pulled off the taste-test experiment (the first is from the BBC and the second is from their own footage which looks much nicer):

2 comments to more choice blindness videos

  • Some people do realize that there was a switch. It’s not necessarily the case that people are “choosing” subconsciously. The key is that people think they know the reasons for their preferences, or at least they think they can state the reasons, but those reasons often are not the actual reasons for their choice. Their choice was more of an emotional preference.

  • That is incredible. Do all people subconciously choose like this?

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