Don't text and fly

A halloween warning (sent to me by my Auntie M.):

Don't text and fly (image of witch hitting post

Don't Text and Fly

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  • I wish I knew the source — it’s a great image. You can buy witches-hitting-object displays at most halloween stores, but the addition of the sign and cellphone is brilliant. My Auntie M had someone send it to her by email and she forwarded it to me. If you or anyone else reading knows the original source, please let me know and I’ll post a credit/link.

  • Asta Terris

    This photo has spread like wildfire on the Internet this week, and your Auntie M’s copy of this photo is the earliest I have found through Google… so far. Any earlier date when published? Author unknown?

    If not for this photo, I would not have found your site, and would therefore not have been exposed to your book. Very interesting.

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