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Most of our blog posts lately have been related to the release of The Invisible Gorilla, and our traveling for book promotion has kept me from doing more science-oriented blogging. (Chris will soon be posting some links to new reviews, interviews, and other writing we’ve done.) Although we still have a lot of [...]

Invisible Gorilla reviewed in NY Times

Chris and I are really excited that our book, The Invisible Gorilla, got a nice review in the New York Times Book Review. The review, written by Paul Bloom and titled “What we miss” will be in this Sunday’s paper (June 6). You can read it online now.

Cell phones, driving, and laws

Dan and I have a new op-ed in the Seattle Times about the effectiveness of laws requiring drivers to use hands-free phones. The state of Washington has a new hands-free mandate that goes into effect on June 10th. We argue that these laws are not likely to solve the problem they are aimed at, because the [...]

Upcoming appearances

Chris and I will be doing a number of interviews and book signings over the next few weeks. Here are a few of the upcoming events:

June 2 — San Francisco — I will be interviewed on KVON-AM for “Late Mornings with Jeff Schectman” from 9:00-9:30am PST

June 2 — San Francisco — I will [...]

“The Trouble With Intuition”

Dan and I have a long-ish article based on material from The Invisible Gorilla, called “The Trouble With Intuition,” in this week’s issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education. We argue that intuition has been oversold as a method of making sound decisions, and that relying on intuition is dangerous whenever those intuitions concern how [...]

Book News

The Invisible Gorilla has been in the news quite a bit this week. Here is a roundup of some recent mentions and reviews:

The Associated Press ran a review by Rasha Madkour, who wrote, “The authors seek to inspire doubt in the mind’s ability — and they absolutely succeed … filled with fascinating and revealing experiments [...]

Chess and the illusion of confidence

Chris and I have a column in Today’s New York Post on what we’ve called the Illusion of Confidence. In the column, we discuss now-classic work by Justin Kruger and David Dunning on the double curse of incompetence: People who are unskilled are also unaware of it. Kruger and Dunning showed that [...]

Invisible Gorilla on NPR Talk of the Nation

Chris and I were on Talk of the Nation yesterday to talk about our new book, The Invisible Gorilla. If you are interested, you can read a transcript and hear the podcast here.

Vision Sciences Stuff -- a moving color demo

This week I’m attending the annual meeting of the Vision Sciences Society in Naples Florida. Every day or so, I’ll post about a subset of the cool, interesting, funny, or quirky (I won’t say which) talks/posters I happened to catch. You can read the first installments here.

This morning had a great new color illusion/demo [...]

The Invisible Gorilla in the news

If you look really carefully, you might start spotting discussions of our book, The Invisible Gorilla, in some popular magazines and media outlets. The May issue of Psychology Today (on newsstands this week) has a short review and a feature about everyday illusion. Southwest Airlines’ Spirit Magazine also has a feature about the [...]