compensating for risk when driving

Do drivers compensate for distraction? Sometimes, but not when it actually might [...]

unexpected bicycles and inattentional blindness

This article reports a tragic accident that happened on Sunday. A bicyclist was hit by a car and killed. Unfortunately, such accidents are far too common, and this particular example typifies how inattentional blindness operates in the real world.

Most people believe that unexpected or unusual events draw attention, perhaps even more [...]

Cell phones and driving

The Department of Transportation has been running a trial enforcement plan to stop people from talking on the phone while driving. Great idea, with a simple message: “Phone in One Hand. Ticket in the Other.” Unfortunately, this enforcement campaign spreads misinformation by implying that it’s the “hand-held” aspect of cell phone use that causes the [...]

Invisible rabbits?!

Glendale police thinking that dressing pedestrians in rabbit suits will make drivers more likely to [...]

Soup dé jà vu — a short film by Michael Tamburro

A short film by Michael Tamburro illustrating the principles of change blindness in motion [...]

A heads-up about head-up displays

A new GM design that effectively turns the windshield of your car into a monitor, augmenting reality and aiding driving in poor conditions. But that can cause problems [...]